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Cheap Gas Prices Online Offers Consumer Solution for Rising Fuel Prices

(PRWEB) October 20, 2005 -- Globally rising fuel costs combined with acts of mother nature, have left consumers facing record high gasoline, bio-diesel, and diesel fuel prices.

An ABC News dot com poll reported that “More than half of all Americans say gas prices have become a financial hardship for them.”

The American Trucking Association’s Board of Directors has put their seal of approval on “…an energy resolution outlining the organization’s efforts to combat escalating fuel prices….”, and as Bill Gates, President and CEO of ATA states, “The national economy depends upon a healthy and viable trucking industry”.

MSNBC reports that “Rising gasoline prices spur thefts, violence…”

Although the future looks foreboding, there is light and hope at the end of the tunnel. Cheap Gas Prices Online offers consumers a one stop online location to not only identify current gas prices, but also offer a simple solution to combat rapidly rising gas, bio-diesel, and diesel fuel prices.

A small pill, the size of a penny, N.A.S.A. engineered, is able to provide a hat trick in consumer savings providing:

Savings on gas, bio-diesel, and diesel fuel economy
Savings on maintenance
Savings to the environment

Manufactured under ISO9001 Quality Assurance Program and SAE Tested, results and testimonies from around the globe are cascading in, confirming savings experienced.

The non-toxic and total hydrocarbon compatibility is an environmentalist’s dream of a perfect pollution solution. Combined with a 100% money back guarantee and $10 million insurance policy (no claim in over 10 years) provides a win-win-win solution for consumers.

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