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eMeter Announces Formation of eMeter Strategic Consulting

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) October 12, 2005 -- eMeter announced today that it has formed a new subsidiary, eMeter Strategic Consulting, or ESC, and has appointed as its President, Chris King, Chief Strategy Officer of eMeter. ESC will provide strategic consulting services to a variety of metering and demand response industry participants, including utilities, regulatory agencies, and technology companies.

"We formed this subsidiary in response to growing demands in the market for consulting support in developing strategies around advanced metering and demand response," said Larsh Johnson, eMeter's President. "ESC fills a niche that focuses on high-level strategic issues but requires intimate technical and practical knowledge of these specialty areas. These strategic areas include long-term technology strategies to avoid obsolescence, industry standards, regulatory policies, business process and change management considerations, and, above all, technology and program risk management. Chris King and his team are uniquely qualified for this."

With its focus on new areas of strategic and regulatory interest, ESC is distinct from and complementary to various firms now providing advanced metering business case consulting, market assessments or technology evaluations. Instead, ESC plans to partner with such firms via subcontracting or other arrangements when client needs extend into the strategic or regulatory arenas. ESC is structured to operate independently of eMeter's meter data management software and software implementation business.

"Our goal is to fill a new gap opening up as a result of rapidly evolving regulatory policies in juxtaposition with quickly changing metering, communications, data management, and demand response technologies," said Chris King, President of ESC. "For example, the Energy Bill of 2005 (EPACT) establishes new national policies promoting demand response and requiring utilities to offer time-based rates and smart meters to their customers by early 2007. These changes bring on challenges, but, in the final analysis, we find that the changes open up even more new doors. Our job will be to help utilities, regulators, and technology companies identify the new opportunities and profit from them – for the benefit of shareholders as well as consumers."

About eMeter
Since 1999, eMeter Corporation of Redwood City, California, has provided software and services for electric, gas, and water utilities with fixed network automatic meter reading (AMR) systems. The Power Information Platform by eMeter (PIPe) Advanced Meter Information System (AMIS) software supports project management, system and asset management, and meter and communications installation, operations and maintenance. eMeter provides its AMIS technology as licensed software, owned and operated by the customer or via other flexible business arrangements. Via a separate unit, eMeter Strategic Consulting (ESC), eMeter provides utilities, regulators, and technology companies with strategic consulting related to advanced metering and demand response.

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