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Something About Gasoline

Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons; it is used as fuel in internal combustion engines. This product is composed by leaded and unleaded percentages of finished motor gasoline. Motor gasoline is combined with up to 10 % of ethanol or methane. The use of Gasoline requires a drilling, refining, transporting and distributing process. The more distance a vehicle travels, the more gas it will consume.

Refiners are specialized centers where the mixture of hydrocarbons is sorted and processed. As a result of this process, useful products are obtained, including gasoline, heating oil and diesel. Today, production companies are working very hard to improve the process. Gasoline is produced to be cleaner everyday, with the objective to protect the health of people and the environment.

The prices of gasoline are influenced by the real situation of worldwide suppliers and the global demand of oil crude. As in any production process, there are costs associated. From refining, distributing and dispatching to your car, there is a lot of money implicated. In the case of North American refiners, these ones compete for suppliers in a worldwide marketplace. When suppliers do not have enough crude oil, the refiners of the United States have to offer higher prices in order to protect the stability of American consumers and businesses. Nevertheless, taxes affect the price of the crude oil significantly.

The federal government eliminates taxes of 18.4 cents per gallon and the local government eliminates an average of about 27.5 cents per gallon. This way, the nationwide average tax on gasoline is of 45.9 cents per gallon. On the other hand, in the United States eleven states import additional taxes.

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