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Natural Gas: Used to Produce Electricity

As you know, natural gas has many different uses in several segments of the economy, some of those sectors are the residential, industrial, commercial and others; one of these segments that could not be the exception is the sector of the industry; it is responsible of the production of electricity. Natural gas has turned into a regular source for the production of electrical energy, due to its clean blazing character.

During the seventies and the eighties, the options for the major part of electric utility producers were enormous nuclear and coal powered plants, but due to the high costs of them, the technological and environmental modifications have transformed natural gas in one of the best options for innovative power plants. Actually, during the year 2000; 23,453 megawatts (MW) of new electric energy were additional in the US.

Of all that new energy, approximately 95 % (22,238 MW) was added thanks to the natural gas. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), there is estimation for a high increase during the next 20 years of the production of electric energy generated by the natural gas as well as all of the new facilities that are being constructed at the moment.

There are many reasons for this augmented trust on natural gas to produce electricity. One of those reasons is the levels of contamination; this because coal is cheaper than natural gas but it is also one of the dirtiest pollutant agents that is released in the atmosphere. In fact, electricity production has been considered as one of the most contaminant businesses, but now with the application of natural gas it is less contaminant and cheaper.

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