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How is The Drilling Process?

Once the oil has been located, it is examinated to establish its limits; also, in this stage the ecological impact investigations are done. All these documents are evaluated legally. When the legal part is completed, the teamwork begins working on preparing the area. This process consists of clearing and leveling the land; also, the access roads must be built. This is important because water is essential in the drilling process, and the source of water has to be very close to the well. Later, the workers dig another hole, this one is used to get rid of rock residues and perforations materials. This well is covered with plastic material to preserve the nature.

When the land is prepared, many wells are perforated. One of these is the cellar, which is a hole that has a rectangular shape. This one provides more space for workers and is located around the actual drilling hole. These holes are dug close to store equipment for some time.

The equipment used for this process is usually very heavy and expensive. Most of the time, depending on the drill location and its entrance, this machinery can be carried to the place by truck, helicopter or barge. Sometimes, the equipment is built on large boats. The oil rig’s structure is composed by a derrick, turntable, engines turntables, blowout preventer, spare pipe, casing, drill string, drill collar, bit, electric generator, and mud and casings.

This powerful platform is fed by large diesel engines plants, these structures burn diesel-fuel oil to serve the most important source of energy (power). Also, there are electrical generators and mechanical systems operated by electric equipment, these ones are hoisting system and turntable. The drilling is rotated by the rotating equipment. On the other hand, the casing is a wide concrete pipe that supports the drill hole, this one is very important because prevents the well from collapsing, and allows the drilling mud to circulate.

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