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Oil Exploration Is a Huge Operation

These days, all the procedures necessary to go through to process petroleum in order to produce all the resulting products are not very simple. However, due to the worldwide increasing demand of these products, now there are lots of people interested in this kind of procedures. One of them is called oil exploration and according to Wikipedia, “Oil Exploration is the search by petroleum geologists for hydrocarbon deposits beneath the Earth’s surface.” These accumulations of hydrocarbons are called reservoirs that lots of people believe to be “lakes” of oil. Nevertheless, they are really made up of hydrocarbons that porous rocks contain.

Oil exploration belongs to the category of petroleum geology science. In general, oil exploration is considered to be a very expensive and risky process because of the fact that it involves some sorts of exploration such as remote area and offshore. These two procedures are usually carried out, basically, by large and huge companies and/or by the national government of a country. However, this does not mean that small corporations do not contribute in the course of action of oil exploration. These smaller companies are in charge of some other actions such as searching in order to find onshore hydrocarbon deposits around all over the world. They deal with some wells with a cost of as little as $500,000.

In order to carry out a successful oil exploration, in most of the cases, utilizing sophisticated technology to identify the deposits and their extent is crucial. Gravity or magnetic surveys are made when an area is considered to have hydrocarbon deposits. This is done with the purpose of sensing the sub-surface geology and its large scale features. At the end, they drill the exploration well in order to be sure whether there is oil or gas or not.

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