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Cal Dive: Flying Under the Water

It can sound weird for you but there is a company that is “flying” down the water to take all the necessary petroleum to any place around the world. That company is Cal Dive, a leading contractor and operator of offshore oil and gas properties and production facilities.

The sub sea contractor, with a fleet of 22 vessels and 26 remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), installs and maintains offshore platforms, pipelines and production systems in the Outer Continental Shelf and deepwater areas of the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, and the Asia/Pacific region.

This is also a company worried for the environment and that is why they work in conjunction with the most extreme safety rules and improvement processes to keep away from any disaster.

Everything began on the 60’s when they got started on being the pioneers on the use of mixed gas dividing. In 1975, they commenced operations in the Gulf of Mexico, and along the 80’s they continued their unstopped growth to success with very increasing activity. They continued on innovating in the 90’s and closed up that decade with the nomination of Forbes Magazine as one of the best 200 Small Companies in America.

The change of Century became full of challenges and since 2001 up to today; they have been expanding from the water to the canyon and using their platforms to develope other huge projects like Gunnison and Marc Polo.

This summary is just a brief history if we compare their reality. Despite the oil and petroleum activities, they also provide shallow water diving services.

According to their web site, this company develops different kind of projects like Marine Contracting, Oil & Gas and Production Facilities.

On their Marine Contracting they are divided in four different areas: Well Operations, Deepwater Contracting, Robotics and Shelf Contracting. At the Well Ops Inc., they manage and conduct well construction, intervention and decommissioning operations on sub sea wells and trees.

The Deep Water Contracting has been creating a world class of proven, dynamically positioned vessels, the single most important asset for the development of deepwater fields.

In the Robotics section, they use ROV systems, equipment and services and the Shelf Contracting has been the market leader in the Gulf of Mexico, manned diving services with the largest complement of diving talent in the region.

Oil and Gas and Production Facilities are the areas where they have the Energy Resource Technology (ERT) program that acquires and operates mature and non-core offshore oil and gas properties in the first; and in the second, they seek ownership of production facilities in hub locations where potential for significant sub sea tie back activity exists.

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