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Noble & Associates Consulting Announces New Focus On Curing P.I.D.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 21, 2005 -- Noble & Associates Consulting, Inc, a provider of business and functional support for Oracle E-Business software implementations and upgrades worldwide, announces its focus on curing Post Implementation Distress (P.I.D.).

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or other large scale software is extremely costly in terms of time and money. But after the implementation, things do not always go smoothly. Most people have heard the horror stories about the chaos and distress that follows ERP system implementations. Do you have trepidations of your own? The diagnosis for these ailments is Post Implementation Distress (P.I.D.). It causes system benefits and return on investment to be elusive. Many companies are unable to demonstrate the efficiencies that the software promised to bring. The problem is not the software. The problem is not the employees. The problem is the lack of an ongoing solution to meet the needs of your business.

The cure for Post Implementation Distress is having the proper procedures, processes, documentation and expanded training. “The professionals at Noble & Associates Consulting have experience with software implementation and support. We know your pain”, says Sandra Noble, president. “The prescription for curing P.I.D. is to review, analyze and manage service requests and problem resolution activities. Also, experience has shown that additional training is beneficial after employees have begun to use the system. Having the proper tools in place allows both the employees and system to function effectively.”

Stop suffering from Post Implementation Distress! There are many reasons to rid yourself of the stress, distress and dysfunction in your organization: Increased employee morale, Accelerated return on investment, Enhanced competitiveness, profitability and stability, to name a few.

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