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Energy Spectrum Capital Corporation

Energy Spectrum Capital or ESC administers private fairness resources that formulate direct savings in great managed corporations that possess and control energy property. It was established in 1999 and has more than $700 million of capital commitments from large company pension resources, banks and insurance companies and approximately $315 million in an associate. ESC's partners jointly have over 140 years of investment managerial and finance experience in the energy business. Throughout different resources, Energy Spectrum put in the midstream and upstream sectors of the energy business. The upstream finance invests in gas and oil exploration and expansion opportunities. The midstream finances look for "throughput" resources such as gas and oil assembly and carrying systems, treating and processing facilities, and gas storeroom assets, energy assistance corporations, and infrastructure resources that maintain gas, power and oil progress.

Energy Spectrum Capital looks for dealings where they can firstly invest as a minimum $25-$35 million of equity and that present chances to invest additional equity as the corporation implements its expansion plan. Each deal needs some level of force, but debit is not a principal driver for Energy Spectrum Capital to accomplish its income. Energy Spectrum Capital's investment viewpoint is focused on the direction of working assets quite than premature phase business enterprise resources opportunities. Smart industry attributes consist of fragmented industry sectors that facilitate internal growth and acquisitions, entrepreneurial management teams with proven track records, and strong asset platforms as a base for growth.

Energy Spectrum Capital seeks for a five step investment procedure: Identification of Opportunities, Analysis of Potential Transactions, Structuring of Investments, Strategic and Financial Advice, and Exit.

Some of the “Private Equity Portfolio Companies” are Midstream Portfolio Companies, Bayard Drilling Technologies, Inc., Alberta Hub Gas Storage and Market Facility, CES Acquisition Corp., Canadian Midstream Services Ltd., Frontier Field Services, LLC, Falcon Gas Storage Company, Inc., and Spectrum Field Services, Inc.

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